A big announcement from Ethos

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Ethos, previously known as Bitquence, posted on their twitter page an announcement saying:
“Hard to believe it’s been a year! We can’t wait for this next lap around the sun! Stay tuned for a big announcement coming tomorrow…”

Since it’s their year anniversary we should expect something big. 

This announcement really shook the Ethos market, which was one of the rare tokens flying with +16% during yesterday. 

But quite a lot of users are pretty disappointed with the Ethos team, because they have postponed the release of their universal wallet. The discussion started under @MichaelSuppo’s thread where he said:
“…And thus render Ethos the true ‘People’s champion’ after all.

I don’t think people quite get how much of a goddamn POWERHOUSE Ethos will be in a year!”

A lot of users accused him of shilling the Ethos token, but mostly tweeters were just expressing their disappointment with the team. For example @swede_in_cork tweeted “Please explain what it will be able to do in 6 months that no one else will be able to. I am honestly curious and am probably missing something”

He might be right, because if we look at what people are expecting from Ethos, is a universal all-in-one crypto wallet with fiat integration, but when looking under the FAQ in the ethos.io web page, they clearly state, when asking if they will accept fiat payments, that “No, not initially but we will make an announcement when any changes occur.” So considering that an announcement hasn’t been made yet, that could be one of the big news Ethos are willing to share.

Another tweeter @Cryptostevo1 wrote “Shingo (Ethos CEO) has let everyone down making investors wait too long for the UW. Binance already has the clients and with fiat gatway in development and going blockchain. Ethos has let the competition catch up fast. CZ has taken Ethos’s ideas and will execute them faster.”

And he also might be right, because Ethos have been sharing their idea for a year now, and it is only normal and healthy to the market that a considerable competition appears like Binance and others willing to make an all-in-one platform for the crypto community. 

Anyway a fiat payment system is not the general idea of Ethos, it’s the universal cryptocurrency portfolio/wallet, and that is why let’s not all get stuck up on that, let’s wait for todays announcement and hope that Ethos can finally bring us the wallet we’ve been waiting for.