Ethos announcement wasn’t delivered yesterday

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The day before yesterday, Ethos, a company which is developing a Universal Wallet (UW) came out with an announcement about an upcoming announcement in the next day. People got excited and even the market price of Ethos started gaining around 30% that day. But the announcement never came and still nothing has been posted on their twitter. 
Under their announcement thread in twitter quite a lot of users are sharing their thoughts on Ethos:
“If no wallet tomorrow, it will tank like zclassic after the fork”

“Blockchain is the only place where companies can survive without any product. I feel sad for those who invested in such ICOs and paid their lavish holidays like @bitdegree_org did”

“Announcement of an announcement lol this keeps on getting better and better. The worse is now that we are all waiting to see the wallet after months of delay,we all seems to forget that there is zero mention of the fiat getaway anymore. That was meant to be the game changer.”

“I wonder if all these Crying Baby’s, are also member of the Ethos Telegram channel?! Instead of screaming for milk, you should know what Ethos has already achieved. Congratz @Ethos_io & Keep it up! ”

Well one thing is for sure – you don’t come out with an announcement of an announcement, but then never deliver it… 
As already mentioned by tweeters, it breaks the investors trust. There already is a healthy competition in the universal wallet field, a lot of wallets accepting ERC-20 tokens, and a few are talking about fiat integration, when Ethos hasn’t.
We will just have to wait for the announcement and see what happens onwards.