Remittance Company Boosts +800% Clients Because Of Ripple

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Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, recently revealed that a remittance company, which he wouldn’t disclose, has gained +800% in clients “overnight” because it recently began using Ripple’s technology. The main reason for this rise in the change in transaction fee. 

Brad Garlinghouse recently was speaking to Bloomberg in Singapore, where during the interview he revealed that a remittance company was able to boost their clientele by overwhelming +800%. And this boost happened “overnight”, as Mr. Garlinghouse explains. However, since the interview was in a short format, he possibly didn’t have the time to go into details of which exact company that is. The main details in this massive client boost are that the company, who started using Ripple’s technology, was able to bring down the transaction cost. They went from $20 to $2. That makes their services ten times more beneficial than before.

Ripple Wants to Work with SWIFT Not Against It. 

The reporter asked Brad whether Ripple had any plans to take over SWIFT one day. To which he replied that they are doing it already on a day-to-day basis. He went on and added that there are more than 100 major banks are now utilizing Ripples technology for money transfers. Those same banks are also partners with SWIFT. Moreover, he disclosed that they (Ripple) would want to rather work together with SWIFT, not against them. Mr. Garlinghouse said that he would be happy if both companies “can serve the same goal and be part of “the new world order”.”

Garlinghouse believes that Ripple at this stage already is capable enough to solve the problems which SWIFT hasn’t been able to. Hence, the above-mentioned example with the remittance company. His belief is that Ripple already is a part of the “new world order” and encouraged SWIFT to work together. He is absolutely fine with that. 


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NASDAQ Adds XRP Index to Global Data Service

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Recently, on May 1, Nasdaq added yet another crypto index to their Global Data Service feed. The world’s third largest cryptocurrency by market cap XRP will join BTC and ETH. XRPLX (XRP Ripple Liquid Index) will show the price of 1 XRP in U.S. dollars “based on the most liquid ends of their markets”, says Nasdaq.

Data partnership with Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin (BNC) is a New Zealand-based blockchain data and research company which offers real-time index information for the world’s top cryptocurrencies. BNC already provides Nasdaq with BTC (Bitcoin Liquid Index) and ETH (Ethereum Liquid Index) real-time price indexes. Real-time means that BNC is frequently refreshing the index every 5 minutes. The XRPLX is the latest addition to Brave New Coin’s suite of Liquid Indices Program. Also, BNC has managed to calculate the XRPLX back to August 2014 data.

“The XRPLX captures a comprehensive, global sample of liquidity on the highest volume and quality exchanges. Ideal for settlements and accurate spot pricing, the XRPLX API includes 30-second Intraday pricing, End-of-Day OHLCV, and Time & Volume-Weighted-Averages,” says Brave New Coin.

Methodology and Transparency

BNC collects data from the most liquid exchanges by volume and order book depth. BNC says that they review their mix of exchanges every quarter to ensure the quality of its indices. Currently, BNC XRPLX index consists of data from Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, and Kraken. BNC says that they will add Coinbase in the next review.

Additionally, the CEO of Brave New Coin Fran Stajnar says that the BNC indices have been independently audited against key IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) principles.

“BNC endorses the IOSCO principles and fully embraces the IOSCO’s goals of addressing the obvious conflicts of interest in the benchmark-setting process, which the nascent crypto industry is vulnerable to.”

Fran Stajnar

Also, he adds that BNC indices are accurate and transparent. saying that one of the most important things is to “consider the geographical and technological diversity of crypto”. 


Crypto Market Update January 24, 2019

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Let’s look at another crypto market update today. In the past 24 hours markets are back again in the red area. The total market cap is falling, Bitcoin dominance is falling and it looks like we are heading towards yet another drop.

Top 10 coins and tokens

Bitcoin (BTC) stabilized again in the past days at $3,5k. A couple of days ago it saw a slight increase in price when it went up to $3,7k, but that wasn’t for long. But overall Bitcoin is in a constant downtrend. As we can see in the picture below, Bitcoin experienced a couple rather awkward price pumps and dumps. They seem very similar to each other. Ultimately this raises suspicion whether somebody is manipulating the price.

Bitcoin monthly chart. Source:

Ripple (XRP) also is in a constant downtrend. As well as BTC, you can see small similarities in the monthly chart. XRP also is following the same pattern of a suspicious pump and dump (P&D) activities, but with much less activity. Especially when looking at the XRP/BTC line. It is almost intact.

XRP monthly chart. Source:

Ethereum (ETH) saw a little bit of a different movement chart-wise, but also in a downtrend. In the past couple of days, it stabilized in the range of $116 to $119. As we can see, Ethereum also was a victim of a possible P&D manipulation around the same time as BTC and XRP.

Ethereum monthly chart. Source:

Other coins and tokens in the Top 10 are experiencing a similar pattern. However, we found a small, but at the same time large difference between and

Top 10 coins and tokens. Source:
Top 10 coins and tokens. Source:

When looking at the Top 10th position belongs to Bitcoin SV with a market cap of $1,311,997,025, and at the 11th position is Cardano with a market cap of $1,114,076,369. But when looking at statistics we see a slightly different view. Coingecko reports that Cardano is at the 10th position with a market cap of $1,330,353,604 and Bitcoin SV is following in the 11th place with a market cap of $1,299,806,455. As for us, these are just numbers on our screens, this is quite a big difference between these two statistics websites. This raises an obvious question – which you should trust and which should you not?

Coingecko vs CoinMarketCap

The total market cap is calculated by multiplying the current total supply with the price (Current Total Supply * Price). Since CoinMarketCap and Coingecko calculate their prices on their own, this could be an issue of sources used. Coingecko reports that there are 275 exchanges, while CoinMarketCap reports that there are only 234. This could be the reason why we see such small but at the same time a large difference between these two statistics websites. Coingecko goes through a slightly bigger amount of exchanges, therefore, they will have a larger number of daily volume which then gets multiplied with the asset price.

Daily volume leaders

Top daily volume coins. Source:

When looking at the top coins sorted by their daily volume, we see quite a different picture if comparing with the top 10 coins and tokens in general. The daily volume could be a better measure to define which asset is currently the most popular in means of usage. We see that obviously, Bitcoin is the ultimate leader with almost twice as more volume as the nearest follower – Ethereum. However, the picture gets interesting when looking at lower places. EOS in third with $759 million in daily volume, followed by Zcash in 5th with a very close number of $732 million. Litecoin and Dash coming next and the surprise of the day – XRP sits only after them with a $336 million daily volume. These are hundreds of millions of dollars we are speaking about. Of course, we could speculate that a few whales could be manipulating the market, but that is very unlikely.

Top 100 Gainers

Top 100 gainers. Source:

Holo (HOT) is the leader of the Top 100 coins and tokens, flying with +33% and a daily volume of $23 million. It looks like they have revealed their product prototypes of HoloPorts. Otherwise, there is not much info about it on Twitter, only a few trader signals.

PundiX is gaining hard with +13%. They recently had a stand in the Binance Blockchain Event. Reports of very good feedback in Reddit
No other significant news on the top gainers today.

The overall market situation

It looks like we are testing new grounds, hence the sideways movement for the last couple of weeks. Just like when Bitcoin was at $6k we experienced a heavy drop to $3,5k. Many say that we are prepping for a similar action, falling to $2k or even lower. There are a few indicators on this as the total market cap and the top assets have an overall downtrend in the last month. There was an opinion that the bear market is going to continue for about 60 days more. Also, we are soon going to be in the longest bear market crypto ever experienced. 


Market update. Friday, January 11, 2019

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Today we look at the crypto market update. Top coins and tokens are still experiencing a downtrend movement. Yesterday we experienced a massive plunge by all major top 100 coins. In this massive move, about $5 billion were wiped from the total market cap. A Big move falling from $138 billion to $121,9. Now it recovered and is sitting at $123,5 with an uptrend look-a-like. 

Total market capitalisation chart. Source:

Market dominance

As we can see in the below picture, theoretically, Bitcoin dominance looks like is in a continuous downtrend. At the same time, it could be the beginning of the long-awaited recovery from the bear market which started at the start of last year’s March. Ethereum and Ripple are still fighting restlessly for the second most dominant asset position. Also, Litecoin slowly but steadily is gaining its dominance.

Market dominance. Source:

Top coins and tokens

As we can see, all the coins are still following the pattern of Bitcoin. In this context, the market still has room to grow, because this is a significant sign of the market is not mature enough. But anyway, Bitcoin is still showing signs of an active bear market. Bitcoin is down by around -3% with XRP following by -4% and Ethereum closes the top 3 with around -5%.

Top 10 coins and tokens. Source:

Overall, in the top 100, we can see a lack of significant movement. Mostly all coins are in a downtrend or in a sideways movement. Except for cryptocurrency Verge, which is booming today with +26%. They recently announced the second beta version of their mobile iOS wallet which could be the reason for this move.

Top 10 gaining coins and tokens in the top 100. Source:

Top Gainers and Losers

Despite the lack of movement in the top 100, lower ranking coins are experiencing more significant moves. EncrypGen is up +165% (traded on Cryptopia exchange), CariNet +98% (traded on BCEX) and Timicoin + 91% (traded on IDAX). All these coins daily volume for the past 24h is around $200,000 which is very weak and low conditions for hope to actually gain some profits. However, this means that altcoin markets are still alive and if you make a shot in the dark you might actually get lucky. But anyway, we would not recommend to neither trade within these exchanges, nor invest in these assets are they are with a high-risk factor. Invest only the amount of money you are willing to lose.

Top Gainers. Source:
Top Losers. Source:

Top Exchanges

When looking at the top 5 exchanges, we see Binance still as the outright leader of all exchanges. However, the exchange is experiencing a -12% loss in their 24h volume. OKEx is coming as the undefeated second place owner with -3% change in their daily volume. Bit-Z with -12% change in volume comes in 3rd, Huobi with a surprising +20% in daily volume comes in 4th place. The top 5 most popular exchanges close with DigiFinex which experiences only a -4% change in their daily volume.

Top Exchanges. Source:

And yet we ask again – Could this be the last stop before take-off?

All the information was taken from

With Christmas approaching, cryptocurrency markets see red candles.

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After a snowy weekend, December 3 hits the calendar, and unwillingly, to all the cryptocurrency traders this makes them reminiscent about the bull run we experienced last year. One year ago, we thought that this was the major crypto adoption, and some of us couldn’t see how that could be going somewhere else, but up. ICOs were booming, influencers were in the head of the game, and it almost seemed like you could invest in any of the projects that came out because a x10 profit was self-evident. 

Nothing of that can be said about this December, as we open up, and yet again we see only red accents. Market cap was three times larger than now, and already we can see some significant changes in the top 10 most popular crypto-top

Exactly one year ago

bitcoin stock market crash

As we can see, the picture back then was a lot brighter than now. Bitcoin was trading at $11,176, Ethereum was the second largest cryptocurrency, Dash was nr. 5 and BitConnect was still scamming people like nothing. Monero, Bitcoin Gold and IOTA have left the top 10 after a year, but at the same time, Stellar, Tether, EOS and Bitcoin SV have replaced them. You might want to think that there’s nothing changed, but the positions of some cryptocurrencies, but think again.

If we look at the current market cap for each coin which has remained in the top 10 list, we see a staggering decline in value. For example, Bitcoin’s market cap on December 3, 2017, was $186,851,799,628, comparing to today’s $69,929,197,213, which is almost three times less. You can observe the following with other cryptocurrencies as well. Litecoin had $5,443,078,362, but now rests at $1,915,803,929, also, three times less.

The good thing

Let’s not talk about only the bad things we get from these last year statistics and let’s focus on more positive things. For example, the first thing that we can see is successful projects and cryptocurrencies which endured the year-long bear market and managed not only to develop their idea further but to maintain their community’s interest in the project.

The other rather positive thing is that if we look at 24h volume for each coin and compare it with last year, you can see an increase despite the price fall, despite the market cap, which would lead us into thinking that cryptocurrencies today are used more than they were a year ago. Bitcoin’s 24h volume today is $5,164,916,673 which is shy of a billion larger than a year ago when it was $4,826,067,051. Interestingly enough, Ethereum has seen the biggest increase in 24h volume, despite all the FUD whats revolving around it. Last year Ethereum circulated $822,953,290 in volume, but today $1,867,401,151. That is a little over one billion more, which makes you think – then where is all the money at? Ethereum is the absolute leader in increased volume throughout one year.

However, the significant volume increase only applies to the top 3 coins we see today. Others had a minimal increase, some a minimal decrease.

If we made a competition on who lost the most volume in one year – it’s obvious who’d win. BitConnect!

bitcoin stock market crash 2018

Markets today

As mentioned above, today cryptocurrency markets are coloring the picture red, with rare green accents. Bitcoin is trading at $4,017; XRP at $0,36; Ethereum at $113,53 and Stellar, which recently jumped to the no. 4 position going pass Bitcoin Cash, is trading at $0,15. The bear is still winning over the bull, and it doesn’t look like some time soon this is going to change. One of the most surprising assets is Bitcoin SV because in only a couple of weeks it has managed to jump in the top 10 most popular cryptocurrencies and takes a decent share of the market.

However, the good thing is that volume is increasing, and Bitcoin is still the king of crypto, it’s dominance since last year has fallen by only 3%. We need to reconsider how this past year has affected the crypto market, either yourself as a trader/hodler/enthusiast. Can we learn from past problems or not? That is the question. If another bull-run emerges – are we also going to be as blind as during the previous one? Hope not. 


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The worlds first Multi-crypto ETP!

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This week, Switzerland’s leading stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, will list the worlds first multi-crypto ETP (Exchange-traded product). A Swiss startup Amun AG backs it. Its index is HODL5, hence the five cryptocurrencies being tracked in it. The stock exchange itself is the fourth largest stock exchange in Europe with a market cap of $1,6 trillion. 

What’s in it?

Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) will be the HODL5. The index will be split up between these five cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin will cover more than 50% of it, whereas Ripple will cover 25,4%, Ethereum 16,7%, Bitcoin Cash 5,2%, and Litecoin 3% of the HODL5 index.

Amun AG

The German index unit of investment management firm VanEck is managing the worlds first crypto-ETP. Amun AG is a daughter company of Amun Technologies, based in Zug, Switzerland. However, Amun Technologies is a fintech company. It had announced in early September this year, their plans to introduce this crypto-ETP. The upcoming HODL5 ETP is organized in a way that it complies with the same strict policies that are required by the traditional ETPs.

Thomas Zeeb, the head of securities and exchanges at SIX said: “The existing system could be completely replaced by the digital exchange in about ten years.” Zeeb is convinced that blockchain-based digital exchanges will replace the existing ones, because “The moment that brokers, banks, insurance companies, and big asset managers see the cost advantages, they’ll move relatively quickly.”

What is an ETP?

An exchange-traded product (ETP) is a regularly priced security which trades during the day on a national stock exchange. ETPs may embed derivatives, but it is not a requirement that they do so and the investment memorandum (or offering documents) should be read with care to ensure that the pricing methodology and use (or not) of derivatives are explicitly stated. Typically, individual underlying securities, such as stocks and bonds, are not considered ETPs.


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Could Ripple be the U.S. answer to China’s Bitcoin mining monopoly?

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China controls almost 80% of the Bitcoin mining and the majority of Ethereum mining today. That is a huge share if we look at it globally. And of course, it generates a competition between the strongest players in the world. China and the U.S. have been competing in trade wars since Donald Trump won the election. And now that is the direction that Ripple is looking. They have been in close contact with the White House and the Trump administration. Cory Johnson, Ripple’s chief marketing strategist, an ex-journalist had an interview with BREAKER magazine last week where he shared some inside information on the Ripple situation. He tried on dispelling the centralization rumor by saying that Ripple controls only 10 of 150 XRP validators, but didn’t provide any factual proof, and he confirmed that Ripple owns 60% of the coin supply. He says that because Ripple has created a cryptographic lock they cannot go and sell it all into the market. Johnson explained that Ripple has quarterly letters where they announce exactly how much have they sold and how that affects the value. 

Continuing on with questions about the White House, Johnson said that he was very surprised about the amount of knowledge that the White House representatives had: “When I started to meet with people in government and regulators, I had very low expectations. I have been truly amazed at the open-mindedness, number one. And number two, the smart questions, sometimes even tough questions. There’s clearly a lot of homework going on.”

Although it is not clear how the U.S. could be using Ripple in regards to a foreign control competition aspect, but one thing is clear – the U.S. White House administration is aware of the global cryptocurrency situation and they seem to think that Ripple could be the answer.

Johnson revealed that Ripple meets up with government regulators and politicians regularly, so we could be expecting a major Ripple implementation soon. Or on the other hand, the government is just starting to test various cryptocurrencies and seeks for a better use case. As he mentioned in the interview:

“I don’t know that the SEC wants to be in a position to have to comment on every single cryptocurrency or digital asset created and issue a ruling about it. I don’t know if they like what they did with bitcoin and Ether. I would guess that an administrative agency doesn’t want to take on regulating an entirely new part of the world when no one’s asked them to do it, and no one’s going to raise their budget for doing it.”

Could the future of the global crypto-situation turn out to be a competition between foreign affairs? Not so much, because China isn’t showing much appreciation towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. Having banned exchanges and ICOs in general, now they are looking towards mining farms, and the electricity they are using. That is the reason why most of the mining farms are expanding their headquarters to other countries like Canada and the U.S. China has a very low electricity price and in some places even free, so it is obvious why the country controls almost 80% of mining, but what is not clear is why China is pushing cryptocurrencies away from their domestic area? Are they just making it look that way? Could it be that China isn’t aware of the Bitcoin power they have? 


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Coinbase unexpectedly lists 0x, still no sign of XRP!

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Yesterday, October 16th, Coinbase came out with an announcement of adding 0x (ZRX) to their cryptocurrency platforms and iOS and Android mobile apps. ZRX is now available for buying, selling, storing, sending or receiving, but not yet for trading. It is available to all the customers except residents in the United Kingdom and in the state of New York. 

ZRX or 0x, is an Ethereum blockchain based open protocol designed for decentralized exchanges. With the help of the protocol, decentralized exchanges can speed up the order book process and could eliminate some of the unnecessary transaction fees.

Of course, the Twitter thread under the announcement, as always, went mad because of the reluctance of the Ripple supporters. A lot of tweeters showed confusion, asking what was the above mentioned ZRX, and why Coinbase didn’t add Ripple instead. @alansturgis1 says: “Still in shock you list ZRX but not XRP. Makes no sense at all! Your business ideology is a mystery.”

Some even got offended like @Andyram2k and said things like: “Who says we want #XRP to be on Coinbase? Its gone from a potential outcome to a meme. I think Coinbase needs XRP more than XRP needs Coinbase”

One thing we know for a fact – the Ripple community is very large, and they are willing to defend their asset at any given time. The best thing, what can I say about Ripple, which I read somewhere on the internet, was – Ripple is the Top3 most popular crypto asset in the world, and has been sitting there for quite a while. They have reached these highs with no help of Coinbase. Coinbase has helped Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in the long run, because last year, Coinbase had 50k users joining their platform per day, and it is the top crypto mobile app in the world! And tell me that doesn’t affect the market of the mentioned assets.

But since Coinbase came out earlier saying that they are willing to add as many crypto assets as possible, I believe the time of adding XRP will also come soon and we could be seeing a lot of new assets added on Coinbase platforms in the near future.


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Ripple is being pushed as the official currency of the 2020 Olympics.

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An online petition has been found on to make Ripple (XRP) the official cryptocurrency of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The petition has been started quite a while ago, judging by the updates section in their petition page, it looks like it has been live for almost a year, since the previous update was 9 months ago, saying that 3000 people support this idea. Now, 9 months later, they have finally reached near 10 000 supporters. The goal is to reach 15 000. 

The main reason for an official Olympic cryptocurrency is the fact that every time a world wide event like the Olympics is happening, tourists come streaming into the country and head straight to the currency exchange points, and the local currency skyrockets, says in the petition. Beijing 2008 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 is an example, where a lot of tourists were confused by the exchange rates and the language barrier didn’t help either.

An official world wide cryptocurrency would most definitely be the solution for such an issue, but whether it will be Ripple, and whether it will be in the hands of only 15 000 people supporting this, I don’t know, but as a solution, that would be very practical.

What do you think? Should the Olympics have an official cryptocurrency?


Photo by added Ripple to their wallet and card app.

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Just now,, previously Monaco, posted an announcement of adding Ripple to their platform. is a pioneering cryptocurrency platform from Hong Kong, which allows users to buy, sell, send, track and pay with crypto with the help of their platform. They also offer a variety of pre-paid cards, which all have different easements for the user. already supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB) and their own MCO token.

“XRP is the first coin that we’re releasing on our newly built backend infrastructure, which allows us to add new coins faster, as well as to perform faster withdrawals, all while maintaining full security of the platform. We intend to increase the number of coins listed aggressively, to eventually cover all cryptocurrencies that matter,” commented the company’s CEO and Co-founder Kris Marszalek.

These are great news for the Ripple community, as they have been constantly left out from Coinbase side, when speaking about the addition of alternative coins or tokens. being a slightly new company, looks like they can provide the proper service to their users and their token hasn’t bottomed out nor performed poorly. It has had some ups and downs, but the market movement is hopeful. The MCO chart also is not your everyday sh*tcoin chart with only one trend – down, overall it has seen some fluctuation since last year.

Definitely check this service provider out and decide on what you want to use it with. There are plenty of competitors in the game of crypto payments, cards, transactions, but now, during the bear market, only a few projects have been able to keep their heads above the water.

What kind of a cryptocurrency payment platform are you using?