Bitcoin Chart Analysis. UPTADE!

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An update on the Bitcoin chart analysis, since everyone is so bullish at the moment.BTC has currently formed a nice trading channel. As it might seem at first glance, price action upon resistance level seems to be weak due to low bounces. However, seeing the highlighted candle we see pretty aggressive wick which means that the selling power is still there.

The two most likely scenarios are as presented in the picture (insert might go up down or sideways meme here). To make a decent decision you must observe the volume and order book at current level upon reaching the resistance – possibly on lower timeframes. The most likely scenario for Bitcoin is the bearish one due to the fact that there is low volume. If Bitcoin price accumulates at the resistance that is a no go for short because that shows a weakening of the selling pressure. Otherwise, there is not a reason for being bullish. Bitcoin price made a lower low, and from a FA perspective, a new bull run is very unlikely.

BTC/USD hourly chart

It must be mentioned that trading these ranges can be very profitable. Combining S/R levels with RSI oversold/overbought areas are easy low-risk trades.

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies?

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How do I start trading cryptocurrencies? How to make the first trade? I believe those are one of the most asked questions in the past two years. First of all, it is considered very speculative to trade cryptocurrencies. It is very volatile and that is the main reason why many traders are jumping in on board with crypto trading. If you follow your strategy and discipline yourself, you’re bound to have good profits. Here is a list of a few advices how to start planning your strategy, what to focus on, and, eventually, become more disciplined. 

Don’t follow the hype

As we experienced previously most of the massively hyped projects in crypto are now down almost 98% since their peak prices. These type of investments are mostly based on the hype that the community generates. Be smart. The saying “buy the rumor sell the news” is there for a reason.

Top Losers from ATH. Source:

Take small profits, don’t be greedy

It’s much better to take small profits like +2% or even +1% in the long term. Don’t be greedy, trade cryptocurrencies with ease, and don’t expect your investments to rise more than +10% to +50%. It will most likely never happen again in crypto. For daily stock traders, there is a “1% risk rule”. This keeps your capital losses to a minimum and avoids harsh market conditions. You can achieve this by using targets and stop-loss orders. The provisional idea is that if you take a 1% profit on every trade you make after a year you can grow your capital by +365%. Think long term, not short.

Follow your gut/heart

Most of the times, you kind of feel when the market is starting to switch directions. Again – don’t be greedy and do what you think is best for you. If you have a feeling, based on your experience and knowledge – follow it. It is better to take profits on +1% – +2%, than rather loosing -10%, or even everything on your trades or investments. Most beginner traders have this feeling that I won’t get this chance anymore, so I have to use it 100%. That is false. The market is constantly evolving and more projects and institutions are coming in, so don’t worry about your single trade.

Cash out everything to fiat

While some experts say that Bitcoin mass-adoption is a 50-year long-term plan, it is highly unlikely that the broader society will switch to only Bitcoin or even cryptocurrencies in general. At the moment, and for a couple of years from now on, fiat will be the main form of money and as they say “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush”. I’ve heard stories from many investors, that they cashed out everything to fiat when the bull-run started to emerge. They took all the profits when Bitcoin was at $9000 – $10,000. Of course, they could’ve profited more, but how do you think – are they regretting something at this point?

Educate yourself constantly

There is nothing more valuable than education. It won’t do any harm to you or your investments, only good. You have to stay up to date. Learn about cryptocurrency trading. Learn more about the industry that you have invested in, and know every little detail. It will grow your confidence in regards to your trades or investments.

Do Your Own Research

This binds with the first advice – don’t follow the hype. You have to research the assets you are willing to invest in by only yourself. At this time, when social marketing and the internet, in general, is constantly evolving, you have to understand, that nobody will share valuable information for free.

Further, this also applies to your gut and nerves. You will feel constant anxiety in those cases when you follow a different opinion rather than yours. On the other side, when you build your investments only based on your own knowledge, you will feel more safe, and secure about your decisions. Trade your cryptocurrencies with knowledge!

Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose

There are countless stories of people investing their life savings, mortgaging properties, applying for loans, and in general, investing more money that they can afford. These actions are at very high risk, and almost never pays off. Again – it is better for everyone around you if you trade cryptocurrencies with only the amount that you can afford to lose. Even if that is only $10, you will feel more calm and balanced. Because at the end of the day – these are investments, which are meant to improve your life, not destroy it. Crypto investing is unique in its base – you can invest small amounts in almost every kind of a project. Crypto investments of as little as $7 dollars can gain you multiple thousands in return. And it is definitely better to lose $7 dollars rather than $700.

“Be happy about what you have, not what you could’ve had!”

However, this is not financial advice. I don’t have a financial degree. This summary is only based on my and my friends experience. Do your own research and don’t base your opinion on somebody else. And most importantly – educate yourself! 

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How to Choose the Best Crypto Trading Exchange

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At the moment cryptocurrencies are mostly used for speculation and trading. As you might already know, there is always a need for third-party interference to conduct trading operations. Exchange or a broker usually does the job as long as it is not an over-the-counter market. It is very important to choose the right exchange due to many scams, fraud, hacks, and poor performance exchanges. This article will explain to you how to choose the right exchange and will give you some of the best examples.

Is the exchange safe?

Before choosing any crypto exchange the most important thing is to understand whether or not the exchange is safe. Your funds can get stolen by hackers or scammed by fraudulent exchange owners. It is fundamentally important to choose a crypto exchange that stores its funds in cold storage so it is close to impossible for hackers to move large amounts out of the exchange. See picture of largest cryptocurrency exchange hacks below. You should also remember that funds stored on a self-owned hardware wallet is always safer than storing your funds on an exchange.

Crypto exchange hacks by size. Source: Insider PRO

What trading instruments is the exchange offering?

If you are willing to trade the mayor cryptocurrency pairs, then by this criteria almost every exchange will be suitable for you.  When it comes to mid and low cap altcoins you have to seek for specific exchanges. Also, you must check if the exchange is offering real cryptocurrency trading or derivative trading. Derivative markets usually come with bigger leverage and liquidity but their price usually does not reflect real bitcoin price and often makes different, not synchronized price moves.  

Other exchange specifics

A Very important thing to look for is trading volume and liquidity. For every trade you make, you want to be sure that there is another party willing to do the opposite trade. If the exchange does not have any liquidity you might be left with 10000000 dogecoins that you can not liquidate and tell everyone that you are a “Millionaire”. Usually larger the trading volume is the better. The issue that goes hand by hand with trading volume, is trading platform speed. Some platforms are perfect and run without any ease in moments of huge trading volume, some are just slow and clunky and takes you 5 minutes just to confirm a trade. Coughs *Kraken* Coughs. So it is just reasonable to choose the best volume/performance ratio exchange.

List of most popular exchanges

How to start trading in these exchanges?

You can start your crypto journey by registering and depositing funds in one of these exchanges:

BitMEX is a centralized next-generation crypto-coin trading platform, which supports highly leveraged trading via perpetual and fixed-date contracts. To start trading with BitMEX, click HERE.

HitBTC is centralized and it claims it is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2013, HitBTC has been providing markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, USDT, and more than 300 cryptocurrencies in total. To start trading with HitBTC, click HERE.

Binance or Binary Finance is currently the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange, with around $6 billion in assets traded in an average seven day period. To start trading with Binance, click HERE.

Kraken, a centralized US-based cryptocurrency exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and “the world’s largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity”. Kraken provides Bitcoin pricing to the Bloomberg Terminal. To start trading with Kraken, click HERE.

Bittrex is a secure, reliable, centralized and advanced digital asset trading platform developed for international customers and built on Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology. To start trading on Bittrex click HERE.

Kucoin is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Hong Kong. It currently has 178 coins and 398 trading pairs. The most active trading pair on KuCoin exchange is META/ETH. KuCoin is live since 2014. To start trading with Kucoin, click HERE.

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Blockchain Life – The biggest crypto-forum in Eastern Europe

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Starting from November 7, Saint-Petersburg welcomes all crypto enthusiasts to their annual two-day crypto-forum. Judging by their success last year, when a month before the conference all the tickets were sold out, and it gathered more than 1700 people. Many expect that this event will be among one of the top in the world this year. More than 5000 attendees, 80 speakers from more than 70 countries from the leading cryptocurrency companies in the industry.

By their words, what sets them aside from the classic conferences, is “the complete absence of promotional reports. All presentations are of a practical nature and are aimed at telling the participant how to make money on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology,” says in their website.


This year Blockchain Life forum has gathered some pretty big names from the crypto industry. One of the top names is the controversial supporter of Bitcoin Cash – Roger Ver. Roger is going to do a presentation over Skype on the future of cryptocurrencies called “How will cryptocurrency change the world?”. Roger always attracts much attention, because he is known to express very aggressive and questionable ideas and facts.

Tone Vays, trader and analyst on cryptocurrencies, also is going to cover a Skype presentation on the inevitable bubble of ICOs. Tone is known to attend the top cryptocurrency events in the world, sharing his ideas and beliefs about crypto, openly speaking about his open positions and his views on the crypto industry as a whole.

In general, the forum will gather a lot of industry professionals and company founders. The most famous being Martin Kuvandzhiev, the Co-Founder of Bitcoin Gold, Klim Geran, the head of NEM in Russia, Edward Chen, the Senior Director of Huobi Exchange, Vyacheslav Bredikhin from Bitmain, and Arthur Aziz, the Founder of B2BX.

Also, three secret speakers are assigned.

The main topics

Blockchain Life 2018 mostly will focus on the topics about creating, managing and the life cycle of ICOs in 2018. There will be multiple discussion panels and individual presentations on the secrets of building a successful ICO in 2018. The speakers will analyze the ICO market, share the top aspects of a perfect pitch and explain how to maintain the project after the ICO stage is over.

Also, a big emphasis is on the future of crypto exchanges. Specifically, Maximilian Marenbach will talk about Kraken, and Edward Chen will speak about Huobi exchange. The forum will gather many representatives from Russia’s leading tech, government, and innovation companies. The leader of the government working group on cryptocurrencies, Elina Sidorenko, during a discussion panel, will talk about cryptocurrency regulations in Russia.

Also, many presentations will be about crypto mining and trading. How to make money during this bear market, and how to look at it positively. 

Blockchain Life Awards 2018

That is the characteristic which sets this event aside. There will be an awards ceremony with multiple nominations. Users who visited the event’s webpage could vote for their favorite Russian media, exchange blockchain project, ICO advisors, ICO agencies and the best advertising networks for crypto projects. The winners will be announced during the event. Interestingly enough, the nomination – “The most promising ICO in 2018” was shut down because of a cyber attack. The voting has finished at the moment.

Go and get your tickets while you can!

The conference is tomorrow, and the tickets are still live.

Overall, judging by the promotional materials, in which they position this event as one of the biggest in the world, the conference is expected to meet the world standards of a successful business event. However, since the majority of speakers are Russian, we hope that there will be no inconvenience with the translation materials.

Looks like a great event where to meet potential business partners and advisors in the crypto industry, and while doing that you can learn something new about the technology and where it is heading. Gathering more than 5000 participants is exceptional. Speakers from more than 70 different countries where you have never been, or even didn’t know that such existed, will give you insights and their positions on crypto. This is a must-attend event if you are operating with ICOs and crypto in general.

Best Coin Investments also is attending this event. We will provide you with a review of what exactly happened, who said what and how did it look. Stay tuned for more information!

Photo by Blockchain Life 2018. 

BREAKING: JustForex adds cryptocurrency pairs on their platform!

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JustForex, a retail Forex broker that provides traders the access to the foreign exchange markets, have just announced that they have added the top cryptocurrency pairs to their platform. 

JustForex had added cryptocurrencies to their platform already in September, but only on a separate account – crypto account. Now they have implemented these currencies on Standard and ECN Zero trading accounts so that traders won’t have to switch between accounts.

The official statement says: “Customers are now able to trade cryptocurrencies on their accounts without additional formalities,” adding that “this improvement won’t for those new and current customers who want to trade all popular instruments on a single account with no necessity to open separate Crypto account”.

The added pairs include: BTC/USD; BCH/USD; ETH/USD; LTC/USD; DSH/USD; XRP/USD; EOS/USD.

Happy trading!


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Bittrex allows USD to crypto trading

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Recently Bittrex, one of the worlds largest crypto exchanges, announced that now they allow retail clients to trade with US Dollars on their platform. The exchange was able to close a deal with Signature Bank some weeks ago, that allows the platform to offer trading with US dollars. In order to fully implement the US pair, the exchange will be inviting small groups of retail customers to participate in the USD markets. Individuals in four different states will now be able to trade US pairs at Bittrex. At the moment, only traders from Washington State, California, New York and Montana are able to participate. But Bittrex explains that later more states will be added. 

“We’re going to continue implementing these phases until all qualified customers are included, and we’re making good progress. For example, at launch, we started with only corporate customers, and only two weeks later, we’re beginning to methodically add batches of retail customers,” says in their blog post. 
Binance is also trying to offer fiat pairs. In order to do that, it has opened bank accounts in Malta to offer EUR pairs and it is working in the island of Jersey to open a GBP bank account.